The Korean language has been widely recognized because of its fame through K-dramas and K-pop. Ever since the rise of K-pop and K-dramas, a lot of people have gone crazy over wanting to learn the Korean language. Although the Korean language seems easy in K-dramas and stress-free to memories K-pop songs, it is actually challenging to learn it. I will not say that it is difficult, otherwise you will think twice about learning the language. Instead, I will say it is challenging during the long process, but it is beyond fulfilling once you unlock that achievement. So, brace yourself and embrace the world of Korean language learning and let the Korean Language Guide to assist you.

The Korean Language Guide


To know how to read Korean, firstly, it is essential to learn the characters and their sounds. The Korean language has no tones, as do several other languages which are spoken in Asia. The Korean alphabet is, in reality, a set of characters that do not contain letters. So, this is what your mindset should be when you are thinking about how to read Korean:

Yes, it will require hard work, dedication, and effort, since learning anything in this world requires your willingness to learn. You will be going through a similar kind of frustration which you felt when you first learned to read. Yes, it was a time of struggle and you should be prepared for a similar struggle when you think about learning any foreign language.

The Korean Language Guide


I know for sure that most of the people who want to learn the Korean language became interested in it because of K-dramas or K-pop. Either way, speaking in Korean is not as easy as 1, 2, 3. The Korean grammar has a mindboggling structure, plus the pronunciation can be a headache too. It does not have tones that is why it could be hard and intimidating to learn at some point. Unlike the English language that words do not have numerous meanings, the Korean word or also called letter-block can have different meanings. For instance 어 (is pronounced “o” in the word “long”) can sometimes mean “fish” or “language”. But one good thing is that they all pronounced the same way, though it makes it more complicated.

That is why when you decide to start learning the Korean language, embrace the fact that you will really have a hard time. However, hard times can be fun in some ways too! So, always put in mind that learning Korean is nothing but fun. That way you will not stress yourself much.

The Korean Language Guide


As for writing in Korean, I do not really find it difficult. Although there are some instances that Korean writing can be complicated especially if it is composed of many letter blocks. In Korean grammar, verbs actually come at the end of the sentence. The Korean grammar does not follow the subject-verb-object pattern which English uses. Also, in writing Korean, second-language learners should learn the differences of the formalities since it is highly important. In Korean language there are three degrees of formality: informal, polite, and honorific.

Once you have started to learn to write in Korean, it is not difficult to read and to speak Korean too. Just have patience and love the Korean language. It may take a lot of time and effort, but it is surely worth it when you master it. Not to mention, you will not have a hard time looking for K-dramas that have accurate subtitles, because you do not need subtitles anymore!


You can learn how to read Korean through mobile apps. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, there are apps not just for languages like French, Spanish, etc., but for Korean too. Some of these apps test you at the end of every lesson and make sure you know what you are saying and remember what was taught to you.

This can be a great help in learning the language faster. At this time, the best Korean language course for reading, writing, and pronunciation which is available online is by Rocket Languages. They have proven their mettle with great customer reviews.

Having such applications on your cell phone which you pretty much carry around everywhere can be pretty useful to learn how to read Korean. Yes by useful I mean instead of going away at games on your tiny screen try to learn something new and be productive.

Your mobile phone is an effective way for you to learn Korean, books can help to an extent. Either can be used while riding to school, riding back from school, going on a plane or train journey to another city or country, heck even sitting at someone’s baby shower, one has a lot of free time on one’s hands and it is safe to say it’s better being productive during moments like this rather gluing your eyes to your phone and playing a game that is most probably not teaching you anything about life or other cultures.

Many apps will effectively not only help you understand how to read Korean but also speak and write it as well as naturally weave Korean verbs into your speech, but the app can only do so much, the rest depends on you.

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The Korean Language Guide

Here is the first website that The Korean Language Guide best recommends. This first website is a good tool to improve your Korean vocabulary and grammar. It is also a useful dictionary. Another way to learn how to read Korean is found on both Google play and app store, this app gradually eases you into the art of learning Korean, and not just the language but the culture as well. Soon this app will train you into being able to speak like the native Korean speakers as soon as possible.

This website, FluentU, has several nice features.  This app shows you authentic content the Korean watch on regular basis, like music videos, documentaries, movie trailers and many other things including the Korean versions of songs and movies whose original version was in English like ‘Let her go’. Check this website as soon as possible to learn more about how this website could help you improve your Korean language learning!

The Korean Language Guide

Just like FluentU, this website helps second-language learners improve their vocabulary and grammar. But this website also helps their students improve their Korean pronunciation. They have extremely high quality lessons that are free to everyone. Hyunwoo Sun and the entire team of ‘TTMIK‘ has published 20 books about Korean language learning that foreign people are using worldwide. Not to mention that they also published over 1,000 Korean language learning lessons online which many people enjoyed learning.

The ‘TTMIK’ team are all pure Koreans who are adept in both Korean and English language. Although the their lessons are for free and are very helpful, it is still much better to buy their published books. Their published books contain several Korean language learning assessments and other practices. So, there is no reason why you will not include ‘TTMIK’ in your list of prospect websites for Korean language learning! Hence, the next best website The Korean Language guide recommends.


The Korean Language Guide Rocket Languages:

This tops the list of most efficient and fun way to learn how to read and even speak the Korean language. The lessons have highly interactive Korean sessions along with very useful testing tools. Also, in this course, there is a mobile app available on the Google and Apple’s app stores which are easy to use and understand.

The course also allows you to monitor your progress and will keep you on track about how far you have come and how far you are still behind. Furthermore, the course comes with a lifetime access. Korean language lesson by Rocket Languages is the well-organized and comprehensive course which makes learning Korean so much more fun for you! That is why this website is very recommendable by The Korean Language Guide!

The Korean Language Guide

So, here is the last website The Korean Language Guide best recommends. Hello Talk is another way to learn how to read and speak Korean which is available for both Apple and operated Android phones and allows you to talk to people from around the world. The user can have a profile with a small summary about them on it, choose their native language and then begin learning.

This is popular with users interested and eager about language exchange. This app is like any other texting app, but in which native speakers can help you by correcting your grammar or speech. This app enables you to send voice messages too! How cool could it be to extend your network of people while learning another language?

The Korean Language Guide Korean Subtitles for Movies:

Now, here is the last tip The Korean Language Guide gives. Perhaps this is the most interesting way to learn how to read Korean, but it could be a bit difficult. Another effort that you can make to learn to read Korean is by turning on your movie and TV show subtitles to Korean instead of English. You can keep the volume to zero so that you can focus more on learning about the show by reading the subtitles in Korean. It can be tough at first, but eventually you will get used to it.

This will help you gain pace and build your vocabulary. It will not be super useful in the beginning. But as you continue to learn, it will help you to match the images with the subtitles. You can even gain insight into the context of the Korean words which you are reading out. This is best done when you have started learning about the Korean language.

Final words for The Korean Language Guide

The Korean Language Guide intends to help Korean language learners by giving tips on how to learn the Korean language. As you go on with our articles, you will find out helpful guides on how to learn the Korean language. Whether it be reading, speaking or writing we have the right tips for you to advance your Korean language learning. This website also post few Korean lessons related to grammar and vocabulary. The Korean Language Guide wants to help those who love learning about the Korean language in the best way we can! Have fun in learning the Korean language! 

(If you have some questions about the topic, feel free to leave a comment. We would like to hear from you. If you have some corrections, feel free to leave a comment about it too and we will make a further research about it. You can also check this article to know the best way to learn the Korean language!)